Disaster Management Plan

Disaster management is an important aspect of dealing with an emergency situation which may be an instance of fire, flood, earthquake, cyclone, epidemic, serious vehicular accident or a terrorist event.  Hospital is a highly vulnerable place in such circumstances. If not attended timely there may be serious loss of lives and productivity. Hospital personnel must be are trained to confidently handle such situations at a mass scale. An effective disaster management strategy should help in saving precious lives. This should essentially include an organized and effective planning, execution and implementation as well as effective team work.  Basic first Aid training must be provided to every one. Doctors, Nurses and technical staff should be especially trained to deal with instantaneous emergencies, pre disaster evacuation and post disaster management and rehabilitation.      

PGIMS, Rohtak is making sincere efforts to deal with any emergency situation. A Committee of competent authorities and administrators from the Hospital has been constituted which will mange disaster and will ensure proper and rapid transport of injured persons to the hospital, timely attention by a team of qualified and competent doctors, technical investigations, surgeries (if required), proper supply of food and clean drinking water, physical security, setting up of help lines and fast communication system with Govt. authorities at district or state level administration. A well thought comprehensive disaster management plan has been formulated to take care of any emergency or disaster.

Following are important telephone numbers which can be contacted in case of emergency:


Medical Superintendent office Telephone Numbers

01262-211311,  01262-211302 Ext. 2252


Police Control Room



Casualty Medical officer

01262-211304,01262-211302 Ext.2655 & 2230